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About WeekaKids

WeekaKids is a leading classifieds marketplace for parents throughout the UAE and beyond looking to buy and sell children’s products of all kinds!

From toys and clothes to school supplies, books, furniture and more, WeekaKids is the one-stop online classifieds marketplace that allows parents to post their quality pre-owned items for sale and browse an ever-changing selection of items that always provides something new and different!

And the best thing about WeekaKids? It isn’t just FOR parents, it’s BY parents! This makes it an incredible community for parents everywhere to connect, discuss products and make purchasing decisions in a whole new way, all designed to give your children a wealth of amazing new experiences.

There’s no better feeling than passing along pre-owned toys, clothing and other items to those who will love them as much as you have, while purchasing from parents who feel the same way about the items they’re selling.

WeekaKids is the classifieds marketplace that gives parents everywhere a new, exciting way to provide the very best for their children!

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